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My Testimony: A Product of the Product

Vulnerability Post!

After decades of working EMS, sitting in the back of an ambulance; 7-years of 24-hour shifts on call at the  airport; followed by 15 years night shifts at the  hospital, has definitely taken a toll on my body!

Something needed to CHANGE. 2019 was riddled with additional health challenges and cancer scares, putting another 25 lbs on what was already difficult to haul around.

That summer, the light bulb came on and something clicked inside telling me that I needed to take immediate action...so I did!

After I was medically cleared to return to training, I did just that! I Joined Orange Theory Fitness...

Then "The Pandemic" happened.

So instead of focusing on what I did not have access to (Gym), I focused on what I DID have access to... The best kept SEAcret!

I cleaned up my diet, started my day with plant-based vegan protein shakes and greens, sometimes twice daily; surrounded myself with a virtual community of supporters and started training consistently.

I also reached out to Mike Zanardelli, an amazing mentor I found in this community here, who helped support me from the other side of the country.

I can not thank those around me enough for the continued encouragement and push to stay consistent.

Consistency Is  Key

DisclosureIn order to obtain the amazing results and eliminate the unwanted 38 lbs, I made the decision to follow the program as directed and not "do what I thought would work" (that clearly hasn't worked for me in the past). I used the Weight Loss Made Simple Program and used ALL products as directed twice daily!


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